Monday, 29 July 2013

The Importance of daydreams

I cant write when there's noise. Clutter of the airways, that barrage the senses and stifles deep thought.
Loud music, people talking, dishes clanging, there's all sorts of noise.
But when I press my hands to my ears, and block the noise with streams of Claude Debussy piping through my ear phones everything stills. I have stepped through the veil from the physical world and am now floating through the imaginary creative world.
This is my ideal place, the place where dreams are tangible and the world that I dream of can be reached.
The place that everything is possible. Nothing is withheld from me, a place where I can flit with fairies and fight alongside king Arthur atop Glastonbury tore our swords matching the blows of our adversaries.
A place that;  every place, every bit of green every stirring of breeze holds magic that I can touch and experience.
But what about when I'm not alone, with just the wind and chirping bird to inspire and stimulate my creative side. What about when I'm barraged with the noises of a family, with the noises of human existence. I have learn'ed to block out the sounds of cars and clatter of people at will. I live each day telling myself to look at beauty, to find that one thing that can get the creativity and inspiration flowing.
The azure sky like a beautiful gem that hardly gets noticed at all by people unawares of the heavenly show placed right above our heads a picture pregnant with creativity and beauty just waiting to be seen and felt in our souls.
I close my eyes and a wave of longing washes over me, to play among the white fluff of clouds, and bounce upon beams of liquid light would be heavenly. But seeing with my eyes is touching it in a way, and that scene is captured within and treasured for some day when the sun does not shine and the clouds are a frightful grey.
When I'm hurtling about on paved roads and the foliage is whipping past me with no definite shape or form, its the idea, there colors   there blurry shapes that impress me with a terrifying beauty. I close my eyes in the same afore mentioned state, and the experience changes, everything is solely the feeling sense; The wind kissing my cheeks the sun hot and bright upon my skin and eyelids. There is a faint aroma of wild flours on the wind that mingles with a yet softer aroma of fire somewhere burning bright. The wind encapsulates me, no longer am I just in a car on an obscure road, no longer can I hear radio noise or car horns. I'm flying among the realms of imagination. Past impossible dreams that only need be touched to spark to life. Every moment a training within to see, taste, touch, beauty and inspiration for any aspect of creativity, not just for writing inspiration alone.

I got caught in a thinking that I needed time alone, time spent quiet and hidden away by my self to cultivate any idea of novels and writing. Yes I do need time alone to write, but to be honest thats just not really realistic in my life. I share a room with two of my siblings and when were not living in eternal sleep over mode there is still just noise. Thats life, and for a long time I made excuses that I couldn't write, it didn't work because I wasn't inspired when I did get that precious rare quiet time alone, And when things were loud and hectic or when I was making dinner something would come to me that drove me nuts because I couldn't just drop everything and write.
But in time I learned.
Every moment must be utilized otherwise nothing would ever get done.
And I hate nothing more than waisted time. I find there is nothing more annoying for my personality than time with nothing to fill it, inactivity frustrates me with a stronger vengeance than I care to admit I posses. So I have learned to fill every moment. It keeps a person out of trouble and one can really come up with some very interesting stuff in that time.
I have discovered for me that every moment there must be a watering of my soul through music through books through beauty to ignite the creative flow.
I'm not sure about you dearest reader but if it weren't for these such things I would have nothing to feed off of. And a state of a starved creative spirit is so tragic. Trust me I know that tragedy well.
But this has gradually become such a usual thing that it can be an inconvenience, I find that I day dream at the most inopportune times. And often times cause problems such as absent minded messes. What my family doesn't know is that my aggrievances are often due to some new found way to torture or make blessed my most recent character. Its a distracting past time but a productive pastime.
I wish very ardently to express how much this has helped me creatively. No moment is lost to the out lands of waisted time or lost opportunities.
I don't feel empty when I find myself alone, but also I have cultivated a sense to block out inconvenient noise that cant be obliterated.
Perhaps if you have some spare time try and dream, it will do wonders for everything.

Your imagination is a garden CULTIVATE it !

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  1. You have a lot of writing talent. You always make me feel like I need to go for a walk in the woods, alone, with just the birds and a soft breeze.

  2. This is without a doubt the sweetest comment ! Thank you so much. Miss jack.

  3. I have finally found the blog I was looking for. The blog that has everything a want to read about. Putting God first in your life, reading, writing, daydreaming, and just over all encouragement. As I read this post, I felt so ... Excited. Excited that I'm not the only one who days dreams.. And feels that music is part of writing and awakening the imagination. This post, and your most recent one confirms my thoughts that you are a talented writer and I will not go away from hearing feeling the same way. Thank you so much! I'm excited for this fall, cold crisp days, big heavy coats, apple cider, and learning to wake up early and give the early morning to The Lord in devotion to him and his word. Up until know I've never really been a morning person, but thanks to many people in my life (and now you included) have convinced me that waking ups early and studying the word is one of the dearest treasures in life. Again, thank for everything this blog stores! Looking forward to reading these coming months.

  4. I thought I'd let you know so you're not confused, that Evelyn is not my real name. =D The sister that my sister refers to in this post is me - in other words my real name is Ashly. I just prefer to use a fake name for safety reasons. =) I didn't realize my sister used my real name on her blog, way to confuse people. :P

    1. OH, that makes more sense. I Have always been fond of pen names, they always seem so dramatic. What made you choose Evelyn ?

    2. That's a very good question. 2 reasons come to mind, the first is because it's such a beautiful name! And the second is probably because a certain literary character by the name of Evelyn joined my list of favorite book characters - she was very sweet part of the book. I'm sure you know how it is to love the character and as a result love the name. =D

    3. Would you mind divulging the literary characters respective volume, for the general enjoyment of those of us whom our curiosity has been piqued ?
      I am wracking my brain for any book that has that name, I would love to do a pen name, but I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite.

    4. I'm sure you've heard of Elise Dinsmore? But have you heard that there are 28 books? And that the last half focuses on her daughter's family? Because indeed, that's all true. Starting near the 14th book it shifts focus from Elise to her daughter Violet's family. And while you get to know her grandchildren you also get to know a distant relation of theirs (cousin I think) that is forced to stay with her Uncle (Violet's brother-in-law) as a result of her father's death. She pretty much becomes part of the family and she becomes best friends with Violet's children (whom the story focuses on the most), thus becoming a large part of the story. =D
      It is hard to choose a favorite, I have often found other names that seem better, but in the end I really like Evelyn. Though Cassandra is another of my favorites - she's my main character in my book. =D


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