Monday, 23 September 2013

Seasons For Literature.

But being on the cusp of a new season, its very chilly today and when I begin to crave sweaters and hot cinnamon flavored coffees, I know that a change has taken place. I thought I would post something about seasons.

If your reading this post and have read this blog for any time you know how much I am Enthralled by the changing seasons. There beautiful in a variety of ways, different and inspire a person freshly.
Its september, Someone please I implore you to tell me how that happened.
At first when I think about summer being over, I get all watery eyed, and sad. But somehow or another time has moved and were on the brink of a new start, again. The weather is suddenly chilly, and I'm getting the strongest urges to ramble about wooded paths just to soak in all the beauty of what is going and what is to come. Were at the twilight of the seasons, not quite done with summer, but not quite crossed over into autumn. A beautiful time.

I was asked this question recently (in a set of tag questions) I just had to re post it along with my answers here. It seemed appropriate for heading into a new season, also I just love the general mix of seasons and literature all aspects of it from the absorbing of it to the creating of it. I really love this question.

                  Which of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn, or winter, appeals to you most in                                                              a literary sense and inspires you to write?

All of them, but in different ways. winter I want piles of delicious words from stories I didn't write, But also gives me a nostalgic air that I must write to get in order to get out. everything floods with cozy thoughts and memories. That creatively helps a lot, flooding the mind with all sorts of ideas stemmed from memories.

Spring is so inspiring nature especially. Misty mornings and budding trees, theres nothing like new life to get the creative juices flowing. I probably have more novel inspiration in spring than any other season. Everything aligns to be perfect in a fleeting way, and I feel an urgency to capture that. summer is one of those months of experience where I watch people, in silent observation. due in part to more stuff happens in summer than any other time. I look around me and notice society. Where I wonder about time and the speed at which everything seems to happen. Early mornings with the sunrise and silent reveries, and a graceful growth of nature that matures before my wondering eyes. Also, nature has a way of inspiring me with writing, when I'm pulling weeds or planting and tending the garden I usually have a head full of plots, knightly sword fights, daring damsels, and strange happenings. the best time to plot is when your knee deep in soil and fresh earth, with gentle summer flower scents excite the senses. Its all a very natural process. And autumn in its colored splendor gives me a mood that I haven't found a word for yet. A daring sort of mood that drives me to daring and majestic things with my characters and plots. Autumn is mysterious, shrouded in misty grey, wet mornings and chilly evenings. Its cider and jacketed walks which if you haven't figured it out yet, is one of my favorite ways to be inspired. I don't know, theres something about musky woods and smokey wind pared with the rush of geese calls that just ignite a warm glow of creativity within me.
Each season my mood changes and each time its different. cozy and sad and thinking about the past, new and fresh with resolve and romantic inclinations, mature and bright and natural, or deep and mysterious. I couldn't choose one season I love them all creatively speaking.

Now I put this question to you dearest reader, I would love to know your answers. even if your not a writer I would still love to know which season inspires you most, maybe all, like me ? 
Feel free to answer in a comment, or do what I have done in a post, and leave me a not to hope over to your respected corners of the internet. 
Enjoying the in-between season.

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  1. Unfortunately we get a lot of rain this time of the year, but the thought of fall, crisp cold mornings, apple cider, and big coats help me to over look the rain. Personally I don't mind the rain a whole lot. It has a very mystical feel and sound to it. =) The way it can turn a sunny day into a dark stormy one is very inspiring. Winter and Fall, the darker months of the year, inspire me to write. I'm a very melancholy writer in a way, thus the melancholy weather inspires me. =D Though don't take my meaning wrong when I say melancholy, I'm not like dark and evil.. I just like to keep things sober. And when there is happiness, my characters have to go through a lot to get it. =) Summer and Spring beckon for me to go outside - to simply live! And I have gotten inspiration out of the happy months, also, just not as much for writing as for wanting to praise God and to be happy and content. =) I hope you understand what I'm talking about, I'm still working on getting on paper what my brain is thinking. =)

    Beautiful post, it was refreshing and inspiring to read. I can't believe summer is gone too. I hope I accomplished all I wanted to. =) It's hard to know. I'm hoping to blog more often though in this fall, I feel like I neglected it this summer. I was very busy though. =)

  2. I totally get what your saying, and my first thought wasn't at all dark or evil. I understand that there is a very flip side to life bright and more sober, I love both sides in a way that they balance each other. I get the writing, sometimes its hard to articulate the words for the strains of thought that are all over the place. Especially in my mind its usually fifteen different thoughts at once. I can't say I've found it to grow easier, it depends on moods a lot, I think those just come with the creative spirit. I'm glad you liked the post, I sometimes find it hard to keep it fresh. I'm glad you enjoyed your summer, but I do so love the rainy deep weather as apparently you do too, I love how you put it melancholy.
    it lends such a different aspect to the mind. Things would get so boring if we had only one way of thinking, and weather change adds to the mental experience, I find it adds to the sensory part of the brain, in a whole new way compared to a sunny day. Well that and there dreamy and misty which, I just love. Busyness seems to go hand in hand with summer, but this year has been crazy, and the more I hear it its not just contained to me.
    I hope you were able to do everything you wanted to do this summer, short lived goals are a nuance. I do find it easier to write when the weather is a bit cooler and cloudy. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

  3. I love every season, but the one I am in at the time I always seem to love the best. Now, in the middle of winter, with the temperatures dropping below zero, I love that I can huddle up under blankets and pass away the afternoons with my books. I love creating new adventures for my characters since it is too cold for me to go outside. I love hot tea and the smell of cookies baking and Christmas coming. The lights and snow and gloves and hats and coats. It is all so wonderful, especially the upcoming holidays 8-)


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