Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The heart of Thanksgiving

It feels as thought winter has indeed stopped to make a home here in my part of the world.
December had come, goodness me how that has happened, but I say that about all months that arrive so quickly, and lately it seems they all do.  Autumn is no more by the arrival of white, even if only a dusting serves as a reminder; every time I look out the window.
The colours of autumn have fallen long ago, another season nearly laid to rest.
At this time of year we celebrate thanksgiving, and indeed we have passed it by more than a week.
I had intended to write something, but....

With thanksgiving not so far behind. I wanted to write something that spoke of the holiday,
but more than that I wanted to write about the heart of thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is more than just a day to share with those we love, that is indeed wonderful, but thankfulness is a heart condition, not just a holiday.

 is one of the most beautiful forms of praise, that I can think of, its not just I love you because you did this for me, or oh thanks for the favour. No gratefulness in much deeper than all that surface stuff, this gratefulness is a one way overcoming (I hardly know how to put it into words its so not a thing) That wells up inside your spirit and spills over into any words that suffice, and sometimes don't suffice, praising a Father who gives everything so fully for our redemption, and enjoyment.
Its that thing that brings tears to your eyes when your heart is so fill, so wondrously jammed with beautiful blessings, that you can hardly stand to keep it in. That's why tears flow when your family's gathered in one room together and the chatter is noisy and jolly and frivolous but that moment is so perfect so joyful that your heart sees a blessing and gratefulness like a tree grows larger and larger.

Its hard to practise Thankfulness when we are restricted in our hearts by the doubts, and crushed down by terrible circumstances. We can easily become hard when we focus of the don't haves rather than the magnificent beauties we do have in our lives.

is a funny thing if practised consistently, it conditions your heart for growth, and removes the above mentioned states. When your heart is conditioned your in a position to walk in the path designed for you before the foundation of the world. Set by God for your enjoyment.
I believe that Thankfulness stem's more from having something you wanted, granted to you. That is just one tiny facet of gratefulness.
True Thankfulness is an acknowledgement of someone greater than you who has endued you with an ocean of love and mercies and unmitigated grace. To make your life so marvellous, so breathtaking. And Thankfulness is the way to get there to that place;
because your focus is on His HUGE Love that surrounds you and drops pleasures into your life without warning or being asked. (have you ever thought that God just likes to see you smile ?)

Its every moment of every day recognising how magnificent this life is, laden with blessings so colossal so glorious that we haven't even imagined it. Recognising that and expecting so fully to see them in faith, that we give an offering of thanks to our loving Father in the heavenly because he satisfies the longing heart.
   For He satisfies the longing soul,
 and fills the hungry soul with goodness.
    ( Psalm 107:9)
An attitude of Gratitude holds such power, and frees your mind. I feel that it puts you in a place that is cushioned with His love. Because you made yourself aware of his love every day that you live in a place that's unrealistically peaceful.
Gratefulness gets you so caught up in His Love that you fly over the bumps on the journey because you have let Him hide you in the cleft of the Rock, you have taken up your residence in His courts and found refuge under His pavilions.
The Word tells is to forget not all His benefits, I believe this is why.
In a way its a pare of rose coloured glasses from the Creator of the universe, see through a heart full of Gratitude for the undeserving displays of His love for you in your life.
Its a beautiful mindset.
With it you'll enjoy life in so many ways unrestricted.

Perhaps if I may, in the up coming year designate a book, with blank pages for the breathings of gratatude. Make a choice to look for them and recognise the blessings and where they come from. imagine a whole year spent like that. Its a three hundred and sixtyfive day treasure hunt. Indeed I do believe that I shall add this to my new year. How about you ?


  1. Wow thank you so much for this heart-felt post. It was truly encouraging. Your suggestion at the end is a very good idea, and I'm considering taking it on. I've never been one for diaries and such, but this would be something I think i could do. Thank you for the reminders and the encouragement!

    Oh, and your photography is beautiful!! The coloring and lighting is stunning, really. That's one thing I struggle with!!

  2. Thank you so much Evelyn, I'm glat to have inspired you. I'm courantly looking for a special book to use, I count it as a extra blessing to have someone even consider doing my suggestion too. It definately made my day.


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