Monday, 27 January 2014

Begin again

Dearest reader,
I hope the first weeks of this shiny new year hasn't ill treated you.
I hope your resolutions have not been dashed upon the crags of doubt. and shattered into listless feelings of self doubt, and hopeless despondency.
My own first few weeks of this year have been crazy;
Its funny how little a word seems, and yet can be massive in its meanings with many deep levels and surface faces, to every eye and mind that sees and imagines.
In truth these first weeks has been fraught with trouble, persistent and buggarly. Layer upon layer of gross hardship, enough to cast a shadow of despondency over any living soul.
Enough to throw a hopeful fresh attitude into the far reaches of a cold desolate world, where hope and faith cannot tread. A place icy cold and crystal'd with dark shadows.
 Have you ever been depressed ? Then you might have an idea of what I'm trying to describe.  hopelessness is a huge part of that slippery slope into depression.
Perhaps your new year hasn't treated you all that well either. Perhaps your fighting hopelessness, right out of the gates.
If after the bells have signaled: the gun fired heralding the start of a new race, straight out of the gates you tripped and fell, or were facing so many bigger stronger adversaries that you just gave up. I want to encourage you anew. We don't need a new year, a january 1 to begin again, every day is a new day, cleche I know but its true none the less. The past is gone even if it was yesterday, or even recently, its gone forever. and the new beginning to focus on is now. We all stumble and we all need a hand.
Jesus said I make all things new, he has sealed forever new beginnings for us. In Him is newness of life.
Living in the past is another factor of that slope of defeat. if you live where you were, how can you see where you are going ? All around you will be ghostly shadows of sadness and grief. Because lets face it when your living in the past your constant companions are the bad choices or wrong doings either what you have done or has been done to you; not the happy smiles and blessings.
Somehow when we live in the dark past we begin to feel it in who we are, we almost become as shadowy and lustrous as those dead memories. And we draw into ourselves because we feel that the world has done us some injustice or soon will as "karma" for the wrongs we have committed to others.
Apart from the fact that I do not believe in karma, I want you to realize right now that no matter what it looks like. There are beautiful things around the corner because we are loved with an everlasting Love. And when we yield to that Love we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratefulness for blessings we couldn't have dreamt of. One of those blessings is the newness of life that we receive in christ, when we rely on his scarifies to make all things new in our mortal lives, then we are inviting the power of the ages to do a work in everything we are facing or struggling with. New beginnings are as easy as every day receiving His love for us, He has already forgiven our mistakes and short comings, we forgive ourselves and thank Him for his forgiveness and move on with the path we are on.
 How do we know he loved us ?
He said in his word in this we know what love is, in that He laid down his life for us.
He also said no greater love has a man then to lay down his life for his friends.
Friends God gave his only son the son that He loved for you and I, so we could be blessed and live lives of unimaginable grander for him and in him.
Make every day a new day and free yourselves from the shackles of self doubt and frustration, by seeing yourself new in him.

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  1. Dear Rachel, I know it's not easy when we have a problem in our lives, especially when we expect everything to go right. Despite not knowing what they are, I hope your problems are temporary, and that the sun shines for you as fast as possible. remember: God is greater than our hearts and knows all things. God bless you and your family. Love, Julie <3 <3

  2. This is very true. Everyone starts a New Year thinking it is going to be wonderful and they have a new chance at life. Then when things go bad they give up and despair. But God has given us a new day every day. Not just at the beginning of a year

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart, darling. I am so sorry that your new year has been so hard. Hopefully it will get better from here.


    1. You ladies are all so sweet, thank you for taking the time to comment, Thankfully things have calmed for now, and life can be a bit peaceful. I know that in Him all things will work out for the good, so I find peace in that.

  4. Dear Rachel,
    I tried to sending a message to a couple of your siblings this past week through facebook and even attempted to send it through your family business email at bishopshomeservices@yahoo, however I don’t think they are going through. So in attempt to pass on a compliment for your siblings, I decided I would try one more time through your blog. I sure hope that is ok. I actually just came across your blog today and spent my lunch hour reading some of your posts. You have a true talent in writing and are very eloquent in your words. You have a way to capture the reader. I have no doubts you will go far as you continue to write. Don’t ever give up your dreams.

    This following message is intended as a compliment to you and your siblings, nothing more.

    Dear Bishop Siblings,
    Sometimes in life I run across people that draw in my curiosity. Just so you know, you don’t know me, nor have you ever met me, but in hopes to ease your mind, I am far from being a stalker or being crazy. My grandma once told me, that if I felt promoted to do something, I should do it, and that is why I am emailing you.

    I feel that we live in such a negative world and often times we forget to look for the positive around us. There are many people that I work with on a daily basis that are missing that optimistic factor and a love for their family and the Lord…this saddens me. I decided a while back that I would take the opportunity when I could, to thank individuals that I feel are examples in such a negative world.

    I don’t know for sure which one of you it was, but one of you liked one of my Pinterest posts awhile back and started following my board. Anytime this happens, I generally like to see what boards my followers also have, so I decided to take a look. This in return is what started my curiosity. As I went from one board to the next, I became more intrigued, and this then took me to your family business website, which then took me to your facebook pages, which then in turn took me to family pictures and posts. I know that this sounds completely crazy and a little bit like facebook stalking, but please know this was not my intent. However, I found something unique and rare that brought a smile to my face. Many of you demonstrated a love for the Lord with your select posts. You were not afraid to share your beliefs with those around you. You display hard work and discipline and the ability to work as a team. You demonstrate the desire to follow your dreams and to love life. Last, but not least, you demonstrated a strong family bond and a love for each other. I am not sure who the parents are of the “Bishop" siblings, but I give them credit for what amazing children they appeared to have raised.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your examples…Don’t ever doubt the impact you can make on a complete stranger. God bless you!

    Sincerely, Tamara

    1. Dear Tamara, I cant even begin to say thank you for being Crazy enough to write this here, its one of the kindest words I have received.
      To know the trouble you have gone through just to be kind and share a thought is equally empowering to myself and when I share this with my siblings I'm sure it will do the same for them.
      Sometimes its easy to forget that we aren't alone in this world, and we do not just live for ourselves, when it can feel that way.
      To know that we have inspired you just by example is a compliment in the highest way. I know we all feel the same way, and so I can safely say that we take absolutely no credit for who we are apart from choosing to follow the way our mother led us through, which was to follow a Heavenly Father who accepts and truly loves us for who we are. And I know our mother would give all the credit for every decision she has made in rearing us to the Lord. He is the center of our relationships and its what makes us strong, how could we take credit for something so out of our hands as free grace.
      I thank you for the message which I know will inspire a lot of my siblings, you cant know how timely it truly is. It definitely brought a smile to my face, and a boost to my heart, just to know that the lord uses us even when we cant imagine how, is so special. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for not thinking its weird, I for one do not.
      Blessings to you, Rachel Hope.


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