Sunday, 23 February 2014

The heart of an Olympian

that special time that comes around every two years is come and gone. And we have been
glued to the telly for hours upon hours watching and rooting for people who we well never meet and people who will never know you existed or cheered for them when they gave there all for a prize. That two weeks I'm talking about of course in the Olympics,
I'm not quite sure if its so in to watch the above mentioned, anymore but its always been a family tradition, and something most enjoyable.
While I have a terrible case of russian fever, I am still able to wonder what it is about this event that keeps us engaged. So why do we love this two week span, when a group of countries get together and do sports battle in snow or in sun ?
Lessons, I believe we can all learn form everything, everything and anything. And we may not even notice we are watching lessons, but the message gets in.
Its inspiring to see determination, isn't it ? somewhere deep down we all feel that if one person could and usually from hard backgrounds make there dreams happen, why who would stop us ?
determination to keep going when the chips are down when the whole world is against you, we watch these moments as if our life depends on it, we laugh and cheer when that one person makes it happen that one who fought a little harder went a little farther, pushed beyond there limitations. It inspires us, the person on the couch, its more than just entertainment. We become connected to these people, in a primal instinctive way.
As humans we love the age old story of a hero, male or female doesn't matter. Who will rise from the burnt out ashes of the past,  or get up again after defeat and reach the center stage of there dreams.  Its the base for all stories really.  Its that spirit we love that heart to win, its why we will tell the stories of these moments twenty years from now to the generations who were not witness to such greatness.
What I love most apart form the excitement and rush of cheering on the home team, is the stories. the inspiring tales of hardships, and overcoming. Its in us all, that strong arm, that will to succeed.
and to watch the culmination of that decision to not give up and to not be a quitter, in every person who didn't get a free ride, and fought to live there dream is awesome.
Sure some have it easier than others, but it all makes up in the end, the story of the day is overcome.
words like against all odds. And we see that play out before is, and we are boosted a little higher, we are reminded that with hard work and a little will power anything is possible, for the athletes its a sport that makes is wonder how and why, what it it for you ?
What is it that says no,  that can be removed with a little pushing through.
We also can learn a lot about the heart condition, some give up, some fight till the end, some are sore losers. And we are either disgusted or disappointed, usually both. But we can apply this to ourselves
which one are we ? When we fight and things don't happen will we smile, be disappointed but still hold our head high ? A true man isn't revealed in ease, its through struggle and often times disappointment.
who are we when our character is tested. We have seen a lot of "failures" these two weeks, but the ones that though tears fell were hopeful, and not crushed to the point of giving up. inspired us more.
We have seen more dashed dreams than realized, only one can win. But those who thought it an accomplishment to just get there show true determination, for as the saying goes, your not a failure until you fail to try.
I could go on and on, the more I type the more I think of lessons, but I shall save those for the next two years.
So when is it your time to shine ? Every day is your battle, mine too, will you win will you lose. Sometimes both can teach us a lot, especially losses. learn to read them. see if you can take them gracefully, see if you have the heart of an olympian.

I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Phill 3: 14 
What do you love about the olympic season most ?

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