Friday, 9 May 2014

A beauty like no other

Perhaps its a romantic kind of mindset, or perhaps I'm just strange.
How is it that something that I have seen occur 21 times in my life can still cause me to be filled to bursting with soul shaking wonderment.

The sights the sounds, the Vibrant
colors, the way the wind becomes less bitter, and turns to velvet in a second, richly perfumed with the delicate essences of the most lovely earthen delights that were brave enough to peep there heads through there soft beds in hopes that the world had come through the dark days.
  Somehow it all again seems new, each time I watch a tree slowly Blossom, and every time there is a  new sprout or new color, I'm filled with awe. As if for the first time my eyes are beholding, something new and strange, and delightful.
But how can this be, I find myself asking, that there is nothing new in its ways, that have become expected and as counted on as an old friend. And yet still, I see it with fresh eyes.
What ever it is my heart innocently grows fuller at the sight of Green just the brightest and freshest,
and trees in the distance that are spattered with this haze of almost perfect Pink
The rush of bird song fills my soul and I sigh at the perfection of Gods wondrous and simple world.

Even lately when the sun doesn't shine, and hasn't for few days past.
And the soil is moist and richly dark, and the tree bark is a deep black, the little bright Viridescent leaves glow in the foggy moodiness, creating this perfect and beautiful display of new and old, dark and light.
I fall asleep exhausted at all I have seen and heard, and captured to ponder within.
I know there will never be a day when I do not become a fire when I behold Verdant loveliness, and never more that at spring, but I'll forget to expect it therefore making the experience all the more pleasing.  

Gods love doesn't wax old, and neither in the same sense do His creations.
And for this I'm truly grateful.
Now I'm off to enjoy more spring. You should to, take a moment to just capture the beauty please do.

                                                     Photo credit Pinterest: 
                                                                  I'm sorry I have no idea who took it. 


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  2. Spring coming is and always should be amazing and fill us with awe and delight. I think to loose that would be a sad thing. It would be like loosing a part of childish wonder which everyone should have, or the ability to enjoy beauty. Spring is a lovely time of year.

  3. Lovely post, Rachel! I love the line you said "God's love does not wax old" Amen!

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    Today's topic is "Historical Classics" :)

    I hope you can join! :)


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