Thursday, 1 January 2015

A second chance is heavens heart

The road we set out on can be fresh and new,
the new paths we decide to take in this new set of days.
The days don't have to be dark or painful.

We'll all have resolutions, ways to start over plans made in hopes of keeping.
Were wonderfully good at keeping that one little ember of hope alive in our hearts, no matter how many times we've failed theirs still that something in us that keeps us on. We posses a funny measure of fortitude and we never show that as much as at the beginning of the year. But do any of us truly have a plan that will make the days ahead move smoothly, no matter what comes ? That would be impossible, still further do we have a deep promise that what we've planned will come about ? I doubt in that natural. I write a lot on this blog about God, about a loving father who has made ways for us where we see mountains and brier hedges, impassible places made for us to concur.
He through His son and through His word has given us a promise for a good life.

"I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly" john 10:10 

I especially love the picture of the fathers love and care in Deuteronomy 32: 10-14
I have taken the liberty to change the them's to you's 

  Out in an empty, windswept wasteland you were found.
  The father threw His arms around you lavishing attention on you 
 guarding you as the apple of His eye.
    He is like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young,
  Then spreads its wings, lifting them into the air teaching you to fly.
    God alone leads you, there is no one else in sight, He lifts you high...

The remaining verse tells of how he provides the best for you, the choicest of blessings he gives to      you his own special possession. I encourage you at the start of this year remind yourself this is where your help comes from, if your life has been surrendered to Christ, therein lies your hope for fulfilment of every dream for this year, born and yet unborn.
He's a good father and all it takes is trust in Him in everything to live a peaceable life.
I'll be keeping this in mind for this year, I hope you do too.

I pray that God will lead you to peaceable habitations and quiet resting places, this year and that if trouble does arise he will be your tower of safety. I pray that He will train your hands to war against every thing that tries to get in the way of His good plan for your life, so that you will be a fierce follower of Him living free in Him.
Theres good things ahead dearest reader, so keep your chin up, and have a blessed new year.

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  1. If I've learned anything this last year it has been about God's love and provision. It stuns me, and it seems the lesson is on going. He's still teaching me, and I'm in continued awe of Him


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