Saturday, 27 September 2014

Feathered friends, an autumn scene.

 I wish I had a picture to show you,
 The oddest and most peculiar thing,
 have you ever witnessed a bird migration convergence ?
 Well, one just took place in my back yard.
 What kind of bird is it that has descended upon my grassy hills and lofty boughs, there name I know  not. How shall I convey the feeling I shall have to try and paint you a paragraph.

The chirping of hundreds of little voices is what made me notice, a sort of full and crowded call that was amplified on the frothy air that is still warm like summer but has a note of something nippy about it. The sound was of a sort lurid, and caught my attention almost immediately. 
In wonder did I stand staring upon the scene of at least a hundred ebony birds dotting the earth. 
Amongst patches of sheer luminescence filtering through the great pine boughs abutting the property,
splattering sun baked and dying grasses, there color changes from black of night to brilliance of hues purple and deep cyan, pigments that conjure images of exotic places and strange things, there tones of peacock perfection made me look and want to look again. 
they fluttered about from ground to tree, almost as if my some slight of hand did there plumes glitter from brilliance to black, there chatter incessant, there interaction jittery and simply fluttery. 
I longed to capture the scene, but alas all I have are words, and a strange memory. 
among the autumn hues they flew in one great body to where I shall never know.  But for one small moment they sat upon my earth pecking the greens resting there flighted wings. 

Ah,  I do so love autumn, if for the furry and feathered friends it bears on its colorful folds to my door. I wonder dear reader, have you met with any sort of fauna our co inhabiters of this earth, that has made you sigh in dreamy praise at all the Lord hads created. I'd love to look with wide eyes along with you, drop me a comment and let me know. Until then I'll most certainly be lost in art and words.
Rachel Hope

photo from pinterest

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  1. This was so lovely. And wonderful to read. Winter has come early here so the world is white and cold, howling wind and snow flurries. I love it, but fall didn't last long enough and I miss the colors.


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