Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wrapped in rain life lessons from the storm

There's something so beautiful in the sound of rain, the chorus of melody that seems to sing of washing things clean, making the world fresh and new. Electrifying the too humid air. It's like the sounds washing over my soul, how I wish it could wash away all the things that must be done and leave the things I want to do like sparkling fresh objects before me. 
Its torrential in its shifting might, the clouds an ominous dark yet somehow like a covering a blanketing for the old that is passing away and soon will part to shine on fresh perspective. 
What is it that draws me to the sight, pelting droplets that one by one are trivial but as a whole become a driving force. I'm awed and somehow feel as if I'm lifted up inside those clouds where the energie is raw and terrible. How dashed about we are here below in the world usually looking for that one drink of water thirsting for the cooling waters to help us like plants grow. Sometimes I think we forget that the rain comes only by storms and is aweful when it strikes us growing gusty and turbulent the wind rips at us like circumstances and threatens our very sanity. The thunder and lightening striking the world around we cower or we stand to brave it. The rain if it does not make us bow under the weight of its strength imparts some sort of power in that we learn to resist its force making us stronger, we long for the rain, for drought is sweltering to our lives and means stagnation yet when it comes scrubbing away all the caked sod and soil we are repelled for the pain is great. Then the clouds part, the whirling of things stop and the sun peeps on us revealing a new self a new stronger flower whose no longer ashamed to look in the face of the sun. We can only feel the warmth of life if we are cleansed and tested for that is how we grow, and testing comes like a rain storm sometimes in little showers other times like a monsoon. Yet who we are at the end is what matters, how we face the world in our new state. All this wrapps about me in the sound of the rain reminding me of the importance of the ups and downs of life in how we choose to face them and who we choose to be among them. I'm resolved to (cliché alert ) dance in the storms of life trusting all the while my loving savior, besides after the rain there are puddles and who doesn't love puddle jumping ? 

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