Friday, 17 June 2016

Life as we know it

It's funny how time comes and goes, usually were not really in the middle of it until we look back and realize how far we've come. Last year at this time my family and I were in search for a new home, a place to expand who we are and see what we can be. It seemed that that search would never come to an end, so its strange to be sitting in that place a house we couldn't conceive one we didn't believe existed. It's not perfect bought with the knowledge that it needed help  and a lot of TLC, somehow were on a journey of recovering the former glory of a place that nine months ago was forlorn and alone. 
In that time of cold northern winter we've made ourselves the beginning of a home, for however long its to last and after the fact its funny to see; you don't notice time passing nor are you aware of things really linking into a chain of completion. You  move from one task to the next and looking back its a wonderious mural of hard work intense moments and pulling together, a lot of elbow grease piped into a community goal that becomes a monument of beauty. 
I was going through the hallway just opposit my bedroom the other day when the thought struck me, how easily I have become accustom to seeing these walls, when another set was so fimaliliarly imprinted on my mind, it seemed impossible to forget. I wondered who walked those halls now that saw so many years of a family going through life quite unlike many others. Who watched the weak sun fight through newly sprouted trees for domination of a postage stamp yard. Was there any eyes who could watch and wonder at the sound of the rain muddying the path from the back door to the basement bulkhead doors ? Did any eyes witness the winter into spring which for so long was my only source of inspiration my only display of Gods handiwork on a daily basis. I would not rather be within those walls nor stuck in that teensy yard but the memory must possess a sense of romantic sentamentality or else I do myself a wrong.
How should I compare the new beauty that meets my eyes as each morning I rise to a yard teeming with winged life even now the chirping of birds sings me a tune that lasts from before sunrise to the setting. Park like is this little haven where my dreams of a true garden are already sprouting and unfolding with each day the sun brings her soft warmth to this patch. 
And I never cease in my wonder at the beauty god has made us to enjoy. Yet here I am and I hardly know what brought all this about. In life you never know where your choices will lead you, all a body can do is make the best choice one can and trust in faith that the Father will do the rest. And still we push foward and next year may look completely different than this moment of time, time is such a marvel isn't it ? I hate how fast it goes, but still we all ride this river. Happily moved my family and I are settling for a time in a place that I believe is where we are supposed to be. Where dear reader has the ever flowing time placed you ? I'd love to know. I keep reminding myself as I watch the days fly away into the past to cherish every moment for its a rarity that shall not come the same way twice. 

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