Monday, 26 September 2011

Hope Mondays.

Hello all, we find our selves at the beginning of another week, another monday another chance to start off fresh. Heres part two of last weeks hope mondays if you haven't read part one I suggest you do you can read it Here. Last week we read verses three through seven today lets pick up all the way at verse eighteen
 v18 Day by day the Lord takes care of the blameless, or those who are perfect and they will receive a reward that lasts forever.
v19 They will survive in hard times they will have more than enough and be satisfied
v23 The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord, He delights in every detail of there lives
v 24 Though they stumble they will not fall for the Lord holds them by the hand.
How beautiful are these four verses ?
Our heavenly father takes care of His children those who are perfect and blameless, and we don't have to worry about being perfect in every thing we do, if we make a mistake we are free,  because our Father sees us through His perfect Son and His perfect completed work at the cross. We are forgiven for all time and everything we have ever done or will ever do, all we have to ever do is receive the free gift of Jesus blood washing away your and my sins, and receive a relationship with the Father. Because of this He takes care of us all our lives each and every day. I love that not once a week or sometimes once a week no, day by day. When we need Him He continually renews us and takes care of us like a Good Father would.
Have you ever felt insignificant to God, like He's to big and you are so unworthy to come to Him, do you feel like He's to busy to care ? STOP feeling that way right now ! Our father sees you just like He sees His Son perfect and blameless., and He delights in every detail of your lives WOW every detail, even down to what clothes you wear, what car you drive, your dreams, He delights in you! every part of you, take comfort in that, you are on the forefront of His mind. The next verse says He holds you by the hand, how encouraging He loves us so much, the greatness is to much to count.
v39 The Lord saves the righteous, He is there fortress in times of trouble.
v40 The lord helps them rescuing them from the wicked, He saves them and they find shelter in HIm.
What a great and mighty God we have, focus on Him delight in Him, trust Him and He will save, protect, love, sustain, carry, be our father, and our joy. Focus on Jesus read His word He loves you so much, take that love meditate on it , your life will never be the same I promise you.
Renew your hope by looking at Jesus and our Father, receive these promises there for you, let Him be your hope forevermore. You will lack no good thing ever.

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