Saturday, 24 September 2011

One Autumn Night

Its dark out side, the air is still and clear with just the slightest hint of chill to make me shiver.,
I doubt if there were a light I would see my breath in great puffy clouds before me,
and yet the night surrounding me whispers of winter soon approaching.
Tonight I can hear nature yawn and stretch its weary self reading for a long and deep sleep.
From over head comes the lonely distant call of geese taking there long flight to the warmth they see 
across the horizon, calling to each other I can imagine them in great flocks splitting the sky in two great     black lines almost as if in a dance. 
My heart soars with them feeling there exhilaration and excitement, I draw in a breath at there marvelous cries almost wishing I could take wing and fly. But no I'm happy here where I stand watching this world as it turns a golden hue. I will enjoy the beauty whilst I can, before winter comes and nature changes again.

Copyright Rachel Hope 2011. 


  1. Beautiful :)That pcture is so amazing!!


  2. Oh, Autumn is the loveliest of lovely seasons. I come alive with the blushing of the leaves and the purpling of the hills, lit with the fairy torches of goldenrod! :)


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