Friday, 23 September 2011

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

                                                               Adieu summer,
                                                               Fare thee well,
                                                    you were not here for very long
                                                    but I will remember you forever. 
                                   Will you not hold on just a bit longer ?
                          I beg you don't let go so easily to the cold winter weather.
                                    I will wait for your long sunny days
                                        all through the frosty winter
                         I'll not forget the lazy days that we spent together
         or the dreams that danced before my eyes while wrapped in your colorful gaze
         or the breezes that sang to me drifting across the fields adorned in bright green.
                   when winter is long and I long for a bright summers day,
    I'll close my eyes and lay in a field with soft flower perfumes dancing about me
                  I'll hear the melodious harmony peaceful nature sings
           and be lulled by the chatter from the birds high in there trees.
               Yes I'll wait for you, so come again it wont be to soon
                                   Goodbye dear summer for now
                                                    I know I'll see

                                                         You soon.

Photographs from pintrest

Copyright Rachel Hope 2011. 

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