Thursday, 22 September 2011

what I love wednesday

Today I thought I would post about one of my favorite illustrators, Arthur Rackham, I will be posting a lot about my favorite artists in the future, but I just had to start with Him. His art is some of my favorite fairy tail art I only wish I had a book with His illustrations, then I could cary them with me. His art is surreal he brought to life all the old and enchanting fairy tales I love in a beautiful slightly dark interesting way, fairy tales were made for him for sure.
Heres a bit of  background on this genius gentleman artiest.

Arthur Rackham was born in London as one of twelve children. He studied art at the Lambeth school of art, he took full advantage of the techniques of his day which resembled photographic reproduction; first sketching in an outline of his drawing, then lightly blocking in shapes and details, afterward he would add lines with pen and ink, removing the pencil traces after it had dried. With color he would then apply multiple washes of color until transparent tints were created. He would also go on to expand the use of silhouette cuts in illustration work. Essentially a graphic journalist in his early years, the young artist showed little of the imaginative genius that was to emerge later, he did develop an eye for detail and integrity of line that characterized his later work.

a selkie woman, I love how her dress looks like the waves, she looks so tormented, do you see the faces in the water ? 

This ones from the snow queen, if you wave ever read the fairy tail you will know this matches the story very well, its definitely how I imagined it.
an early sketch of alice, from alice in wonderland

This is my all time favorite living trees how imaginative! I love how the leaves look like fabric or clothing
I also love the expressions on the faces hers is a bit apprehensive but unafraid, and his is in raptures looking at her, I also love how there holding hands. I could stare at it for ever, makes me think of all kinds of stories.

I love how his art has movement and fluidity like a still life capture, notice the detail in the background.

very interesting, and creative 
I love the furry in this one.
In short Arthur Rackham is one of the best illustrators of the late 19th century and early 20th
I find all of his art very whimsical and as an artiest inspiring, because he possessed something I truly treasure in an artiest Imagination in the highest form, nothing was to dark to strange to simple or just plain childlike to be explored.
I hope someday I'll  have the imagination and talent to produce art like this.
What are you loving ?

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  1. His art is amazing! I honestly have never knowingly seen his art. It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!


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