Thursday, 13 October 2011

Remembering Spring Photo Challenge

I am entering the Essence Of Eve Photo Challenge, its Remembering Spring, ah yes spring that wonderful season that comes after winter and before summer. I wasn't sure I could enter but found these hidden away in my photobucket account. You can still enter until the twentieth of october if you are interested in entering you can read the rules here.
                  These are my two entries

                   This one above is of the blossoming leaves, I'm always amazed by new life.
                                        Wild Roses taken by the beach.
                                         Isn't Gods creation glorious ?

Hoping you are enjoying your week 

Joining here 
I hope you too have some old forgotten spring photos to enter.


  1. Lovely photos, Hope! I especially like the first, wait, the second one...never mind. I like them both. :)

  2. Thanks for entering Hope! They're both lovely!

  3. I love the second one... it looks like the apple blossoms that come out in hundreds near where I live... gorgeous photography.

    Love in Christ,

    Anne Therese

  4. Very pretty pictures! I LOVE them both!!

  5. Thank you ladies, your all very kind.
    Anne Therese I thought they looked like apple blossoms too,
    blessings to you all.


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