Friday, 14 October 2011


There's magic all around us, surrounding us everywhere.
It swirls and flows throughout time, carried on the air.
Perhaps you cannot see it but does that mean its not there ?
As children we could dream we saw the world through those wondering eyes
We felt and touched that magic never thinking to ask why.
We played there in its midst and gave no thought to the impossibilities
that with that mystery does persist.
As we grew could we not see that we were slowly losing the ability to dream ?
Did we grieve the loss of that which we could no longer see ?
We let that magic slowly slip away until it was all but a faded memory.
Can you see the magic that surounds us, though the mind says it is not there
can you still sense it flowing here and there.
Or does your mind say no to the impossible world in which we live and refuse to admit that life is full of magic no matter where you choose to look.
Look around you and see the mystery we call life and the many wonders it does bring,
and remember no matter who you are you can still DREAM.

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  1. This is so true! Children notice the magic without realizing it, but as we grow older we forget. Thanks for the reminder to dream and look for the magic!


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