Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Exciting Blog Events !!!

I'm sitting here and my mind is drawing a blank, staring at the computer screen working my brain to remember the things I thought of posting here, why is it all the great ideas are easily forgotten ? Does anyone else have this problem ? and if you do, what do you do to remember the things you come up with in the middle of the night when your too tired or half asleep to turn on a light and write yourself a note, sometimes I think I forget to remember or maybe all those stories are filling my brain and leaving scant room for other things, who knows but dear memory please do try a bit harder wont you ? for me for you for some semblance of sanity in the free moments that I'm not trying to remember something that seems erased from my memory. Enough of that, sorry about the slight rant next time I'll keep the words between my brain and I to myself,  moving on,
I am very happy to tell you about two lovely blog events happening this month
I have been meaning to post about the first one for some time, this one having to do with valentines day or unvalentines day, Miss Rachel from the inkpen authoress is hosting heigh ho for a husband event with some lovely giveaways click here  to read the rules if your interested and you can write really fast the contest ends february fourteenth so head on over and check it out, I might be joining if I can finish a story before then. Please do give her blog a look.

Also Miss Grace from Graces Garden Walk is hosting a month long event that I am excitd about,  the Jane Austen Literary garden party, this one should be lovely you can check it out by clicking here
Miss Grace has lots and lots planned for this gathering so check back at her garden all this month to join in the fun, that is if you love Jane austen and literature.
I hope you all do join in or give these lovely blogs a look, there some of my favorite visiting places.
I'm off to write a short story, lets hope I can think of something.
have a wonderful mid week.


  1. It seem like a consent thing, drifting asleep and thinking of a wonderful poem or inspiring line, but your to tired to get up and write it down,I have found that sleeping with a flashlight and sticky notes next to your bed helps a whole lot, when one finds them selves in this situation!

  2. I am enjoying Grace's Jane Austen event.
    Sometimes I forget things like post ideas, but I forget a lot of things some days, so...it's not really a surprise. I really need to start writing things down when I think of them. :)


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