Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Tag

Miss Emily Ruth tagged me on her lovely blog borrowing photographs 
heres the rules.

<1 post these rules  
<2 post 11 random things about yourself 
<3 answer the questions the tagger set for you on there post 
<4 create 11 new questions for the folks you tag 
<5 let the tagged know they have been tagged 

Random things
1. I love art, drawing, painting, all that stuff 
2. I am a book-a-holic I can down a book in one evening if its really good and if I don't, I wont be able to        get it off my mind until I do.
3. I am the ninth child in my family, the fifth girl and one before the youngest 
4.  I love ballet if I could I would dance all day, if I took classes, hmm if only.
5. I am obsessed with fashion, from all eras especially the forties that era was lovely, the skirts, and sweaters and the hair. 
6. I am a enthusiastically devoted dreamer 
7. I have lived in four states.
8. I love sports 
9. I am a girl with wanderlust, I want to see the world and experience different cultures 
10. I love to make jewelry 
11. I am a huge Doctor who fan 

now for the questions from, Emily ruth

1. What is your favorite quote ?
hmm that a hard one, but one of my newest favorites is
 "Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see".  CS Lewis 

 2. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets ?
Their both so stunning, but I guess I would have to say sunsets, the colors that are cast from the setting sun, golds reds purples, it always takes my breath away, and if I think about it my sunset is someone else's sunrise in another part of the world. 

 3. What's your favorite dessert ?
oh gosh I have to choose one ? let see something with chocolate or a homemade pie or tart 
I love to bake and experiment so this is a hard one for me it might be one I haven't tried yet

 4. do you have a favorite subject in school ?
History definitely, I love learning about others and how they lived 

5. Did you have snow on christmas day ?
No we haven't had much snow this winter which is weird 

 6. Do you have a favorite Jane Austin book/movie adaption ?
I love all the jane austin movies, pride and prejudice 2005 is a favorite, But my favorite two Austin novels are Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park, both the Tv movies were great my sisters and I enjoyed watching them, but I can't wait to see the film adaptions I'm hoping they will make.

 7. Do you prefer patterned socks, solid colored socks, or bare feet ?
I don't have a preference really, I like all of them,  patterned socks are fun, solid colored socks are for everyday and bare feet are for summer. 

 8.  Do you make your bed every morning ?
I must confess not every morning, but when I remember to I will or if I have the time. 

 9. What color is your bedroom wall ?
I have offsetting colors two pink two blue and light green trim, I share a room with my younger brother so we compromised, which isn't that much of a compromise because I love blue also.

 10. What are your top five favorite colors
I have already addressed on a different post that I am completely unbiased toward colors, I refuse to have a favorite, like I have said just imagine a world with that particular color it would be quite boring, I love all colors there shades, pastels, and bright freshness. 

 11. Do you prefer sandals, sneakers, boots, or high heels
 Oh don't get me started on shoes ! all the above ? is that an answer, I love sandals, and sneakers like high tops I dream of leather high tops :) I adore boots, and I love high heels. what can I say I'm a shoe- a-holic. 

And now to the questions for those who I am tagging 

1. Who is your favorite author ?
2.  Do you have a favorite country that you dream of visiting, and if you do what is it ?
3.  Do you prefer skirts or jeans ?
4.  Do you have a favorite genre of music ?
5.  Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa, or none on these ?
6.  If you inherited tons of cash what would be the first thing you would do ?
7.  Do you have a fashion Icon and if so who ?
8.  What is your dream job ?
9.  Do you have a favorite book and film adaption ?
10. If  you could rewrite one classic novel which one would it be ?
11. What is your idea of a perfect day ?

Those who I am tagging are
Miss Rachel from Lass of all trades
Miss Amanda Beth from amanda beth online
Miss Joanna from an old fashioned girl
Miss Jemimah C from beautiful blank pages
Miss Grace from graces garden walk
Miss Gabrielle from the ink stained parchment

Thank you Miss Emily for the tag


  1. Thank you for tagging me, Rachel!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Rachel! I had a lot of fun!! I tagged you on my blog.

  3. The 2005 Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite movie adaptions. It seems that almost everyone I tagged listed it as their favorite!

  4. There is something about the film that always makes me smile.


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