Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Musings of Love And other Valentines Thoughts

Its easy to get caught up in the swift currant of romance, to daydream of love, for me I dream up all sorts of romance stories which I hope to pen someday.
 Many posts this week have been about love, I have often wondered what the true definition of love can be, different thoughts float through my mind as I wonder how to define a love that is multifaceted, multicolored and deeply set, is all love the same ? I should hope not, I would think it to be different for each heart and situation. What do you think ?
In defining love the dictionary is very unhelpful yes at a time like this it fails me, it describes something outward a fleeting fleeting something carnal, affected by tempest and gale. but isn't love more than that ?
I have to admit I quite like the idea of a day dedicated to love in any form sweet and unfailing deep and solid, and then I become a bit cynical shouldn't we always remember love every day isn't that the most important in every place in life, why do we need one day to remind us of this, imagine with me a world that every day we tell those dear to us how much they mean to us, with small smiles and hugs sweet words and  given every day, wouldn't the gifts of a listening ear and an open heart which wither not be more appreciated than the flower which fades ? I seem to be torn on this thought I do hope that even though we have a day dedicated to love, we don't save all that love for just one day but find some way to share that love every moment we breath.
I have also heard allot about how lonely valentines day can be, I seem to be confused here because we have the greatest lover, He who loves our souls. He gave his life to show us that love and wrote us the most beautiful valentine across the world, across time and history, with each burning star and this earth bursting with pure life He wrote that valentine and signed it with His blood, to the world with all the Love of the heavens from love its self your valentine Love. Today if your lonely remember this let Him wrap you in Love like no other a love that truly can't be defined, nay shouldn't be defined.
Thank you for letting me think out loud, I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you all have a happy love day.


  1. Hears a valentines quote that I found on google :)

    "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them enough not to."

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333

  2. Love your signature!
    How did you make it?

    ~Tasha Ann


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