Monday, 20 February 2012

One Year Blog Birthday !!!

Life can get away from us sometimes (By us I mean me) things, ideas, thoughts, all seem to run when life comes-a-calling, my ever moving mind seems to not like having things to remember, things all cramped into my head and tucked away for some day of the less busy verity. I seem to have gotten away from the blog world for a few days, and what I have missed ! I always feel I'm missing something when I don't read all your lovely posts every day you all inspire me so.
It was this month one year ago that I started this little blog, I was so nervous to start writing being a bit shy, I worried about the first words I would write, I worried if anyone would even care to read my thoughts, how wrong I was for you have graciously let me know otherwise.
 I was pleasantly surprised by all your kindness dear friends, and I have been inspired and have learned so much from all of you, I truly have enjoyed hearing your thoughts ones that often made me think in a deeper way. This blogging experience has been quite exciting and I look forward to visiting your little worlds every day its like reading sweet letters from a friend, I want you all to know that you have blessed my life in ways I cant begin to describe. I wish I could thank you all personally so I say Thank you.
I started this blog to express my thoughts and have a creative outlet, oftentimes I have been at a loss for words and yours have inspired me to dig a little deeper and let the words flow, I have found kindred hearts that seem to speak to me in ways that are inspiringly open. So I am looking forward to another year of inspiration and I have a hidden flickering dream that perhaps I too may inspire someone else because of you and so on.
So dear friends celebrate with me, I have made it through one year when I never saw past one month, and every day I am learning to speak from the heart and hope to continue to learn from you, if that is alright.
much love you you all.


  1. Aw...I'm so glad I've inspired you, Hope and I'm glad I could help. Your blog also inspires me. I look forward to reading more of your lovely posts in the near future.

  2. Happy blog birthday, dear! I am looking forward to another year with your lovely posts. :)


  3. Aww thanks Miss Emily you are so sweet.

  4. Happy blog birthday!
    This is an exellent post, I love your words, they,re just so true :)
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I appreciate it so much :)

  5. This is a really amazing post!


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