Friday, 4 May 2012

Questions from friends

Anna From Little me Big Creator has tagged me, I am terrible at making up random facts about myself but I shall try, here goes.

1- I am a self taught writer

2- If I could travel all the tiny countries of europe on foot I would.

3- I love cars, even though I have yet to learn to drive.

5- I am a book-aholic, but that fact is hardly random.

6- I would spend a lot of my time in a garden if I had one

7- I dream of owning a green house someday.

8- I have a weird obsession with trains.

9- I love getting to know the characters of my stories

10- I think quilts are better than blankets

11- I just cut my hair shorter than its ever been, above my shoulder.

here are Anna's questions

1 - Who is your favorite character from a book/movie?
I would have some trouble with this question, I read a lot and find my self becoming attached to every character that is penned. 
after some time of thinking hard, I can't think of one, I am embarrassed to say. 

2 - Who is favorite your actor/actress?
I am a huge classic film fan, so my favorite actors/ actresses very, I grew up on Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, and classy ladies such as Barbara Stanwyck, Myrna Loy. 
There are allot of lovely actors and actresses from my own day and age whose names escape me at this time, I don't make a special effort to have favorites.

3 - Where would your dream wedding take place? (country, setting, time of day...)
Oh my, I haven't given any thought to my future wedding, I am hopefully not alone in that...
I would say though that I would think simple and elegant I would probably have an outdoors wedding, afternoon around twilight, and in some beautiful garden any country would suffice.

4 - What one skill do you wish you had?
   To sing opera like the stage greats, or play all instruments without trying.

5 -What would your "theme song" be?
Oh goodness this is a different question for me, some wonderful dreamy sort of classical piece, like Claire De Lune 

6 - Do you like the BBC TV show Sherlock or the recent Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. better?
well I have yet to see the BBC show Sherlock, so I cannot comment but I will say I love the recent films a lot a lot I find the way the films were made was brilliant. 

7 - Favorite band?      
I have no idea
8 - What one fashion item from nowadays would you ban if you could?
Oh my, I would have to say the high heels of today are so outlandish I would probably ban those.

9 - Favorite blog?
This is such an unfair question there is so many but My sisters Tumblr blog is very inspiring.
A Place Of Dreams

10 - If you found a time machine who would you go back-in-time to meet?
These are really good questions, I have always wanted to be asked this, and at this moment have no specifics. I would have to say great writers and peoples of history, from all times in history. 

11 - If someone came up to you and said you won a meet-and-greet with your favorite actor/band/person.... who would it be?
I have no real favorites really, but I guess I would have to say the cast of Doctor Who. 

If you like these questions feel free to use them. Tag your It !


  1. Yay!! :D You did the tag! :) I liked reading your answers, too!

    And as far as your favorite actors/actresses go.... Jimmy Stewart is probably my all-time favorite! :D Such an amazing actor! (It's a Wonderful Life *mouth gapes* and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! *so, sooo good!*) Ah! I love him! He's actually really good at the very emotional scenes.... some actors don't do those kind very well..... :)


  2. BBC Sherlock is a classic. Great acting, superb music and clever scripts make this a must watch for everyone :)

    Check out my review .



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