Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ocean Dreams

I have come to learn that I love looking at the ocean, at the time I am writing this the sun is making a wide reflective glow across the waters below it. And the salty tears of the sea seem more inviting then ever.
From morning to dusk its melodious and evocative crash of the waves can be heard from the beach house,  they are calming and on especially rainy nights they, don't ask me why, give the cottage in which we are staying a sense of special comfort and warmth, even though its not home.
I would write a longer post but the waves are calling to me like a sirens song, and its a most exciting song.
would that all of you my dear readers could see this scene I would be most pleased.

Have a lovely day. 

Photos via pinterest 


  1. I quess I would definitely love lookiing at the ocean too, I have never seen it but really hope I will one day...)

    1. Oh I hope so too, theres truly nothing like it


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