Monday, 21 May 2012

Fog and Oceanic Rambles

Its quit foggy out today, I can hardly see the lovely beach from my window, just a hazy white.
I love the idea that I am in a cloud, it is quite a strange phenomena.
It makes me think of all sorts of enchanting pictures, and want to write all sorts of poems and thoughts but  I cant find the words to capture them. I have the feeling this will be a lovely day, though some would call the outlook of a day where one is forced indoors dismal.
Right now I am dreaming about woodland creatures that have run to their homes and are cozied away till the sun wants to awaken, and the fairies that danced upon the sand all last eve, amidst the salty ocean breezes.
What a place, bubbling with inspiration. Have you ever written to the siren song of the crashing waves ? It has to be said there is something magical about it.
I have a confession to make I have an obsession with sea treasures. There I said it, and it didn't hurt too much, though I will write it and not say it aloud.
 Thought there is much work, this is not a vacation, I feel as though it might be for my creative mind. The words just seem to flow when I am looking out upon sunlit waters, or feeling like I am living on some foreign fen or moor. Even if I haven't the time to write them down I seem to be okay with it.
But I shall now stop my constant rambling about the seaside. for as I said there is much work to be done.
Have a lovely day, I hope you too are being creatively inspired by where ever you are today.

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