Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Glimpse into my life

I decided since I have been rambling quite a lot about the beach on this blog o mine, I should in all fairness show you a glimpse of the beauty that God has created.

     This here is a photo of the beach at twilight, the waves are as I have said before, quite enticing, and        
        their melody is something indescribable.

  Its a beautiful little neighborhood that we are fortunate enough to stay in, drenched in deliciously rich
    history. From the wealthy easterners who lived here in the late eighteen hundreds, to the town being deserted in the forties for fear of german subs attacking to the present, the stories I have heard this and last week have given me enough writing material to last me years. The above picture is a view from my bedroom window.

  The sunsets are breath taking, the sky is more lovely here than anywhere, and the sunrises are just the    
    same. And the moon though I did not get a photo of sits right above the waters line in the distance sending chills down the spine of any onlooker, in a good way.

      This is another view of the beach as you can see. I love this little area, it reminds me of Ireland,
      though I have never been, so Ill rephrase. It reminds me of how I imagine ireland to be.

           From left to right
         Joseph, Sarah, Me. Hannah, Jason. My siblings and fellow crew.
I hope you enjoyed a look into the heaven we are so happy to work in, we really love it here.
  have a lovely day !


  1. How perfectly beautiful! Tell me, what do you mean you "work" there? Is this where you live? Is it on the East coast? It is gorgeous and you've entirely intrigued me. Plus, I loved to see you and your siblings. Gracious, what a handsome lot you are! Do tell us more about your life--I loved this post. :)

    1. How sweet of you ! Is there anything else you would like to know ? I don't mind answering questions.

  2. How beautiful! It is lovely to see your siblings! Thanks for sharing! ~Jordan

  3. All right! :) Is your whole family involved in this business or just that group? ^ :) Is it a year-round effort? I am a rather curious person, as you'll see! :) We have a family landscaping business and half a farm, so we are accustomed to working together and I think it's a blast.

  4. I'm not sure if the comment I just tried to post posted, so please excuse me if it did and this is a repeat. :D
    I am a rather curious person. :) So is this a year-round business? Is it a whole family thing or just the crew in the picture? Do you ever come through Virginia? ;)

    1. yes we are a year round business, but not here in Massachusetts. We are on a job for as long as it takes,we do painting, siding, landscaping, carpentry, masonry, we pretty much do it all, my brothers will build a house of someone want it done.
      Yes the whole family is involved, all nine of us. from my mom and all eight siblings counting me. The crew in the picture is missing three more, and our mother. Working as a family is a blast ! gosh I cant imagine working alone.
      We might go to virginia, my brothers and older sister are in FL right now so, virginia isn't too far. Were hoping to expand to a very large business in the future.
      You live on a farm, like with animals and such ? How neat I bet you have a great time, does all your family work your landscaping business ?

    2. All of us who are old enough. :) Dad rotates taking different crews out, though the last few years I've become office-manager and secretary--less going-out sort of work. Sometimes I miss it. :) We do have some animals--namely goats and chickens, and we grow produce. :) I also head up the bakery division of our farm and we have a farmer's market that we supply baked goods for. That's my specialty, as anyone could tell from my waist-line. :P

    3. Neat ! I would love to grow veg for a farmers market, and fresh flowers. That must be a lo of fun do you sell a lot of baked goods ?


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