Saturday, 26 May 2012

Time and Eternity

Today is a defining moment, how you react today paves the road to your future.
Today is the catapult to your tomorrows, and what you do with it makes or breaks you.
These thoughts just came to me as I was thinking about our human thoughts of time, we think its ours we think we can control it. But in reality we are really kidding ourselves, for time is like a wild horse that refuses to be tamed, and to capture it or posses it is only a faint dream of those with breath in there lungs.
We are always fighting to get to the future, how many times have you said someday ? I have too many to count. In all actuality we hold the future in our hands at this very moment.

"The humans live in time but our Enemy (God) destines them to eternity. He therefore, I believe, wants them to attend chiefly to two things, to eternity itself, and to that point of time which they call the Present. For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity. Of the present moment, and of it only, humans have an experience analogous to the experience which our Enemy has of reality as a whole; in it alone freedom and actuality are offered them"
C S Lewis, The Screwtape Letters 

I love this quote from Mr Lewis, I think it embodies all that we should remember about time.
My special favorite is, "For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity". This is so true and should be remembered. Now I'm not saying that we should not dream about the future and even plan for it, but I do hope we realize that today is a gift. And a year ago when you said someday you meant today. Its here, so stop looking for it and start enjoying it.
Are you living now, Or are you somewhere in the future,  hoping to touch eternity, when you have missed it in your life today ?

Have a Blessed Saturday


  1. What a beautiful quote! It gave me chills up and down my arms as I read it: "The present is the point at which time touches eternity." Beautiful thoughts, and something I really need to hear today. :)

    1. I know, I had the same feeling the first time I read it. C S Lewis never ceases to amaze me with his brilliant words.
      I'm glad to hear I could help.


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