Friday, 8 June 2012

Little Notes

Dear Life why can you get so far away from me, I often find myself wondering what you are all about.
Dear Work and home life, you can be so demanding, there seems to be no time to slip in the creative desires that seem to over come me sometimes. Now I am most certainly not complaining, I do not at all dislike working with my family. And God blessed me with a mind that is apt to be inspired by the most random of things. But sometimes, after a long week, I wish there was more time for all of us please ?
Dear sun Thank you for the beautiful sunset that followed us home today, I love the way the your little shoots of light danced across the woods and through the leaves lighting tiny paths of gold like a treasure hunt that calls to my heart. Thank you for showing up at all today, after a long week of rain.
Now Mr rain don't misunderstand me, I love the sun shower you gave us today that washed the earthy green and made everything feel new. Its just I prefer that kind of rain, and not the long stormy trials that last for days. Dear tall grass, please don't let your self get cut, I love watching you sway and dance in the breeze. Oh and breeze please stay sweet and warm, its summer soon you know.
 Dear stories, please please stay in my head long enough for me to write you, and characters I implore you co operate with me. Please ! I wont be too dramatic, here but don't leave me hanging, I promise to try and meet with you again okay ?
Dear fellow blogger I hope you enjoyed your week.

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