Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pondering's of a dissatisfied writer

I'm daydreaming on the couch about my novels and characters, wondering am I a sufficient enough  writer to complete a story, no I have not done so yet you can stop laughing. Wondering if my voice and style of writing is strong enough to be heard alone, am I the only one who seems to pick up another authors style of writing after reading a particular book ? If I am, then I am thoroughly worried that I can only be a good copy. But perhaps I am over thinking all of this, perhaps my "style" is my own. Let me ask all you writers out there, do you get pen slain by another authors writings and find your self sounding a lot like them when you next sit down to write ?
I shan't be too dramatic with this negative pondering, Though I feel as of late that a lot of things in my life are being neglected, not because of anyone else but because of my own ability to procrastinate.
Lets take writing for example, I seem to be able to start stories with no trouble, and I am in no way lacking for plot inspirations. But I seem to get wary or lets say uninterested when it becomes a struggle with my characters, which usually happens mid story. What would you do if you were me and you had another tempting new plot that is just teeming at my fingertips to be started ? But no I shall not justify my delaying. I seem to get caught in a web of 'woe is me' when I read about another writer who has been fortunate enough to complete a novel and write the words THE END. I get all, I wont say envious, but a bit disappointed in myself, and all these feelings come again.
Hem, what shall I say next ? I have exhausted the point and shall now follow it with another question, What do you my fellow writers do to ward off the bug of procrastination in writing ?
And what have you found to be helpful in completing a story.
I now must thank you for listening to the rantings of a discouraged writer, I know we can be a bit hammy.

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  1. You have only come to the crux of the thing. Finish the book, or finish your career as a writer. ;) This has happened to me many times. I call the plot ideas "Plot Bunnies" and over time I've learned a bit how to deal with them. Rather than lose what might turn out to be an amazing story, I start a word document for each plot bunny and write all that is in me to write about it. Whether a scene, a description, etc. Then I can forget about it for the time being while I work on my other projects. That way I always have the bit that inspired me in the first place. :)
    I am often, as you say, pen-slain by another writer. Jenny over at The Penslayer (appropriately named, wot?) does it to me often, and I find when I go back to write I can't get her shimmering, golden style out of my head. But it isn't my style, so I usually drop it after a while. I think writing letters really does help out with finding your voice. Because your voice is the way you write consistently. It does have to be developed, but it seldom sounds forced.
    Another thing to keep the plot going is the concept of bringing in "a man with a gun." That's just another way of saying bring in a surprising element. Something unexpected and new that you, even, didn't expect to happen. It could be a plot twist, a character, a place, anything!
    But I think the main thing in overcoming writer's block and procrastination is setting a word goal for yourself. It can be as small as 100 words a day. But over time it'll add up and pretty soon you'll find out you are interested in your story again!
    So sorry for this long comment, but I hope it helped! If you'd like to discuss it further, you may email me at:
    heirloomrosebud(at)gmail(dot)com :)


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