Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nonsensical Queries

Its been some time since I have posted something, and today though rushed I thought I should let you all know I am still here. Tags seem to be popular with the blogging minds, I don't mind them. Though I do have some trouble with the questions, I have learned to look within my self, especially with the random questions. Which is good, because apparently I don't know my self as well as I thought. Who's with me ? 
This tag is from The fantastical  Nessima  she's quite good at coming up with questions, I must say though that I am sorry it is so late. (her tag is nearly two months old) I know.

What is your earliest memory from your childhood?

I really don't know, I would have to put some thought into it. 
I guess its sketchy but I remember as far back as the year my younger brother was born. 
My family and I were living in colorado on the rockies at the time. As I said I only remember few details, like taking naps, play time, and some "big" moments. Big when your two and a half is really not so, but. I wish I could say that I remember something really worth wile, but its just nice childish memories, like bedtime stories and the like, all very faded and ghost like. Pictures help, I would remember if I had pictures. I'm sure of it. 

You have a choice of being given any super-power; what is it?

weeelll, being able to teleport to any place would be amazing. 
Or be invisible, but i think something mind'y would be neat, like being able to move things with your mind, and harness the power of anything you hold in your hands. 

 Describe to me that outfit in your head, the one you wish you had so badly...

 Some feminine dress, airy and light fabric, scoop neck. 
a slight sleeve that is barely there, synched at the waist, and a very flow'y skirt, mid knee.
For shoes, I think a chunky wedge with strapy leather. Think Italian.
Thats my favorite dress in my head, I have no idea what the think Italian thing is.
 for the traveler in me..
A pair of perfect jeans, ones that aren't too heavy, but aren't too light, 
a loose blouse strictly cotton preferably long sleeve, the ones that roll up and have straps to button them in place, some kind of detailing in the front with buttons and maybe embroidery, no pockets ! 
leather bracelets with beading from africa. leather boots, the kind that look like a high top sneaker.
hair braided at the sides and pulled back, leather back pac, (They do exist)  to hold paints sketching pad, writers note pad pencils, camera. and treasures from travels. 
teardrop glasses comfortable blazer, thats probably the wrong word, let me rephrase, jacket 
like a light canvass or cotton, pockets galore, sage green, but with some feminine fair, and I almost forgot a thin scarf brightly colored. 

What's your favorite musical instrument?
  What image comes to mind when you think of this  instrument?

The piano, and harp. I would love to play these two, and shall someday.
I think of beautiful nature scenes, and brightly colored flowers, in hazy fields that are sun kissed.
Or highly populated old english scenes , cottages and gardens, balls,  and oceans. 

Would you rather be divinely beautiful, angelically good, or dazzingly clever?
I think all three would be a perfect picture of a lady. 
But who likes to be perfect ? Not me. 
I would get bored or looking at my self 
I would tire of being an angel to every one 
So I would like to be clever, very very clever. 
That would be so much better that beauty, 
can you imagine the hours of amusement that would pass with cleverness. 

Are you more likely to be found in an old attic with your nose in a book, or will you be hanging out at the mall with your besties?

Attic hands down, Joe march. Thats me. 

if you could've been born in any time period (other than your own), what would it be?

The late hundreds, early nineteen hundreds. I love these times in history
but I love too many to choose, this is why I need to have a time machine. Sigh. 

 Is your preferred weapon a bow and a quiver of arrows, or a magnificently wrought sword (you're allowed to be all clever and say "wit")?

Can I say both ? Both 

Your preferred mode of travel? 

Cars, I love them. Foreign cars, like a Aston Martin, or old classic car. 
Though I do love horses. 

You hear about a new historical or fantasy movie that is coming out soon. You are:
a) Ecstatic: you're favorite dream-boat of an actor is in it!
b) Super-stoked: the book that it's based on is amazing!
c) Excited to see the costumes, of course!
d) Your favorite composer is doing the soundtrack.  Need I say more?
e) Going just to see the horses which will undoubtedly be gorgeous.
f) Not going at all; there's a new sci-fi thriller out that begs to watched!

I don't have a dream boat favorite actor,
I am skeptical of movie book adaptations,
I like costumes but I have to be interested in the time period, but if its fantasy... 
I really don't follow composers, I should but.. 
Horses are nice but I wouldn't see a movie because of them alone
I do like sci-fi. 
I really must be interested in the story I guess. 

 Of all the places in this world, the place you love most is....? 

Hmm in my head, at a desk with a pen, traversing some land never before seen by human eyes, amid nature with a book, surrounded by my family, at the sea. This is too hard to choose one. 

As always if you like miss Nessima's questions please feel free to take them for your selves 


  1. Haha, I take a long time getting to tags, also :D

    I love your answers!


  2. I loved your answers. you talk about things I love.


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