Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sentiments on Love and the mystery behind it.

Theres something about romance that draws on ones fancy. A story about Two heats that come together, ones that were destined to be together, from the beginnings of time. I have sworn so many times that I would never write romance, hoping that I would go against the flow and do something uncommon. But I have come to learn that romance, is all around us, it surrounds in the world that we live in. Look in the bible, its laced with the best romance ever told, between our Savior and his bride the Church, his gentile wooing of her and the sacrifice that he would make for her.
I would say that; that is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard, full of chivalry,  heroism and  the ultimate expression of love.
I used to be bothered that romance was something widely sung, talked, and or played out in every part of society. Used to being the operative word, because I came to realize (I'm not sure when this happened, perhaps it was from writing romance and trying to understand it) That all of humanity is looking for that original romance, the one that calls to there hearts, the one that keeps them "on the market"the one that doesn't let them sleep at night. Its the lost romance between the creator and His creation. We as humans are hoping to find that perfect romance, we search for it, sing about it and the heartbreak that comes from the disappointment that other humans bring. And I must say these expressions of that search are entertaining, but mostly heart breaking.
Just imagine, if we as imperfect humans yearn to be loved in the most perfect way, how much more in the Creators infinite yearning, to have his creations let Him love them in the way that He wishes. At his heart is the most beautiful expression of love, He created it and He is in every way pure love, Why don't we let Him love us. Because when we do, we are loving him in return, in the way that He deserves. I have learned to embrace the romance that resides in every leaf every soft breeze every sound of laughter. Because our wonderful God placed these tiny sketches of the "real thing" in our world to call to our hearts, like one of the softest love songs that plays at our heart strings.
Am I against romance ? Certainly Not! no I have learned that its the common thread that connects to our hearts in a way that we don't even understand. So I shall continue to write it, I say continue because against all my better judgment, and preconceived ideas, I enjoy writing romance. And I hope that we as writers remember to convey, the Love of Christ in evert story, even more so than the human expression of love. I do hope I remember this one, and with my Saviors help, I do need it because I have never been in love, I shall come through the writing process with a story that captivates the hearts of my fellow humans in a deeper way.
What are your thoughts about romance as a genera ?


  1. Beautiful post, Rachel. :) Thank you for writing it--it is a beautiful beautiful story, that of our Lord and His bride.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it !
      It truly is.


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