Thursday, 1 November 2012

Words to be read words to be written

I just need to read ! I have lamented to my self at least twice today. Its been sometime since I have cracked a page of anything. And I have started to notice. My mind craves the food for the soul, more than my body craves sustenance. Dramatic yes an overstatement no. Its unfortunate that I don't have a library, I do so want a library. And I think I know of at least two girls who share everything with me and I with them, that would be happy to wile away hours with me within those hallowed walls.
Pictures help, but there's something about stories that just stay with you, there was one such that I read in may that I still haven't forgotten. A certain Ted Dekker book that my sister and I have mutually become an ultimate fan of. Even my younger brother read it, or more I should say devoured in a day, something I have never seen, Respectively.
Books have that power, that's why I love them so much.
There movies without the theatrics there ancient and modern and I would be so bored without them.
Which reminds me of my quest to re read every book I have at my disposal. A certain Charles Dickens novel about two cities siting alone and without a companion comes to mind. I need to find some time to finish that one. And now I find my self rambling.
But with November here, and every young writer getting ready for the national novel writing month, starting today, I feel a bit lonesome. You see I'm not joining, and probably will never join.
 I can hear the appalled sighs from all you young dreamers who shan't have scarce enough time to lift your heads from your writing and shoot me a shocked glare.
For two reasons I will probably never join, I say probably because, well,  never say never. I have no idea why I heard that in a french accent.  
My life is hectic as can be, I know who's isn't.
 I seem to have some issues with "getting to it" the it being  certain story that has been collecting dust this past summer.So you'd think that something that would force me would be beneficial, but that's not how I'm wired, when I'm pressured I give up. But I will say that I have pledged to not be a snobbish smug writer, and join in my own way. I see my need to finish some story, and I hope that will be my yet to be titled, medieval novel. So my future of book reading will have to wait, its a small sacrifice, not reading to finish a goal. I will try and write as much as I can this month, and I cant wait to read who wins this years National Novel Writing Month.
Pens at the ready, See you all in December.
Oh and that doesn't mean that I won't be here typing away on this Blog when I can.
I haven't the foggiest idea if this post made an ounce of sense.

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