Saturday, 8 March 2014

Witness springs return

Against winter blankets and piles and piles of mountainous snow: How strange it is to witness Springs return. December was so mild, but the new year rode in on frigid temperatures.
 In all that somewhere deep down we all longed for Spring, and today I saw a glimpse of her soft face.
With every drip drop of water the heavy glorious icicles melt, soon no more than a puddle.
 And I saw and heard the soft twittering of a bird out upon my window sill.
 Though its yet too soon to tell when, I know spring is around, and she and winter are in some delicate dance round and round.
 No green grass I can see as yet, no tiny buds of life on the trees, but I saw in a flash all this and more in a tiny bird song.
 Almost like a hopeful prayer for springs return.
 I know my heart agrees too.

I wrote this a few weeks back, when it was warmer, but never got a chance to post. Somehow it seemed a perfect day for a spring post. the sky is a fine blue and the sun shined brightly, what better heralds of spring ? I hope you my dearest readers are having an equally wonderful day.
 Are you keeping an eye out for spring ?

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  1. I, too, am still waiting for flower buds and green plants. I am so excited for spring, but we're supposed to get another snowstorm this week. :(

    1. We're also due for more snow, it's just too much. Lol. We ll just have to be patient you and I won't we ? Here to more books and tea still for a while.

  2. Hello Rachael! Its good to hear from you - its been so long I feel like. :) I too have been looking forward to spring and today certainly seemed to be announcing loudly that she was coming. :) The frigid and sharp cold edge to the tempatures is finely disappearing in the light of the warming sun.

    I love that quote! I'm not sure what Charles Dickens' book it is from but, interestingly enough, I found it this week. :) I adore Charles Dickens so anything of his I love. :)

    1. It indeed has been long Evelyn, it's true. But hopefully I'm back. The quote is from great expectations, one of my favorite dickens novels. And quotes, it's so true isn't it ? I do hope spring is here to stay, it's been here and there.

    2. *Gasp* Its from Great Expectations!? How awful of me not to know. I love that book, and I feel bad for not realizing it. :P Well it does seem like something from that book. ;)

      Also, I awarded you the Sunshine Award! You can go read my most recent post to find the questions I have for you to answer. (I would love it if you would!)

      Looking forward to more posts!

    3. Don't feel bad, I read the book twice, and still had to look it up. That does illicit a gasp for me. I would love to answer any and all, though I have to warn you, I'm ever so slow with these things. So patience would be appreciated.

    4. Hehe well that makes me feel better. When he has SO many wonderful descriptions its hard to remember which ones belong to which books!!

      Oh take your time, no hurry! Either way it'll be fun to see your answers. :)

  3. Oh how I love this time of year and anticipate the beautiful array of colors and smells that spring displays. I love to watch the beautiful transition of the seasons, as it moves from winter to spring. I live in Utah and it actually snowed today. At first, I was a little disappointed, where I had hoped the snow in the valley was over for the winter. However, as I looked out the window, it was beautiful! The pure white snow, gently brushed the tops of the grass and trees. I could see the tulips peeking out of the ground, and the tree buds preparing to pop. It made me happy and brought a smile to my face, knowing that spring is just around the corner! One of my most favorite things to do as it warms up, is to hang a hammock in my back yard. It becomes a regular thing for me, to go lay in my hammock and listen to the sounds of life and mother nature. Oh how sweet spring is! Thank you for sharing your blog post and sharing your beautiful words! I hope you have a great day!

    1. That hammock sounds lovely, I used to have a tree house to lounge in, but we lost the tree a few years ago in a snow storm. But perhaps I shall too use a hammock.
      I love snow but do just love spring, who doesn't love birds song. Your view sounds beautiful, I'm so jealous you have sprouting flowers ! And buds. Ah well in time.


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