Friday, 4 July 2014

Innocent Wonder

How do you describe the loss of something that you have always had ?
Something that's not a person or even a thing.
Is it Grief ?
Is the loss of something that can't be held, something that isn't tangible truly a loss, or are there things in the world that can't be explained, things that have more beauty and more value than fine gold.

I have seen the loss of a certain heart condition, a loss of the innocent wonder of the world.
Cynical attitudes are hazardous to wonder, but when you begin on that road there are no poison roadsigns that warn of the destructive way you are on. Its something that only experience may teach.
We all begin clean, I'll use that word because its so pictures of what Innocent means. I don't mean clean of sins or even bad deeds, I mean in our psyche we are clean. There are no doubts to crowd the lovely, no ugly insecurities to chain our winged hearts down.
We are shinny vessels of pure hope, faith and wonder, our eyes see the world with as UN tainted a look as we can imagine.
Children easily believe, while its hard for the adult to be as free with there trust, due to hurts and other things that I haven't time to boggle myself writing now.
I have had my fair share of snarky cynicism, and snide outlooks of a variety of things. And I have noticed a great loss when I travel that path. The world seems less magical, there is less sparkle to the stars, and things become dull, boring and dry. In effect, my heart suffers it becomes as stone.
 A grave danger it is indeed. For when my hearts hard, how may I run to my Father who has promised to guide and protect me ?
Our father created each of us with a certain amount of wonder, my dears, lets be wary of clogging our eyes with the dust of life, with the little hurts sent your way, and the judgements we all are guilty of proclaiming.
 Let our hearts be innocent once more, less prone to be hard, but all mushy and soft as we can be,
Lets throw aside our adulthood, and be children in our hearts once more.

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  1. I have noticed this. I was scolded a bit back for being quiet and never saying much. But I have come to realize one reason I don't say much is because I like to sit and watch. I like to see things that most people miss. See the world a little differently, all the hidden wonders. I think that is something everyone should take time to do.


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