Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The only way to ensure a perfect day

I'm watching early morning sunbeams flit through lace curtains, 
this perfect morning glow and the delicate frill hit my gaze straight in front of me. 
A reaffirmation of my thoughts, The Father is so good. Sometimes it takes little beauties or simple pleasures to remind us just how good. 
This morning, my BIBLE open to precious passages of promise, Hillsong music playing softly in my ears, my spirit feels full.
Coffee in hand to quell morning chill that has been seeping its way into the house all night.
The best way to start a day, is full of the Father, feeding on His faithfulness, nothing will keep you all day like the bread of heaven. Have you tried it ? I highly recommend at least a chapter of His words of life, they rejuvenate you like no other. 

> A lesson I have learned as of late, mornings spent in communion with my Father I never regret, and I can promise, you wont either. Sure it would be easier to stay abed, or get a massive jump start on the day, but I never feel quite right, when I skip this time like something is missing. 
Jesus said it like this, all who are thirsty come to the water and be filled, its the filling I miss, and the day never seems to go well, I'm fighting for time at every turn, no decision goes well. 
I wont lie, life's hard to grip at most times, it crashes over itself with a fury that takes captives, never once counting the casualties taken at its hand. is life mean ? uncaring?  I'm not sure, I seem to feel its just life. The way to get through, not just trudging, through the darkness, and sadness, and questions, through the miscellaneous usualness of life, and the screaming desires for more. It all falls to naught in the light of His glory and grace. His countenance falls upon me in these times smiling, why should I shun that kind of love, the love that says no matter what or who I am, I am the apple of His eye.
We have a wonderful Father who knows just what your going to need that day, if you'll face something hard, or need wisdom, He's so faithful that he'll give us in advance if we listen to Him the Word that will encourage inspire or hold us up under pressure. This is how He works and moves in our life. We give Him the opportunity to speak to us in huge ways when we set our eyes on His Word. That times never waisted. 
I'm grateful for early morning mistiness, for piercing sunlight and green still on the trees,
but even more I'm grateful for the training that comes between the pages of an ancient and living word. start with a verse, a chapter what ever He leads. But do I implore you follow, you'll be so happy you did. 

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