Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumns Glory

Perhaps its in the coffee that I drink much too much,
perhaps I have an excuse because I'm supposed to be "creative"
Maybe I have a romantic sort of mindset.
Whatever it is, somehow I'm in my proper place when autumn rolls in.
Clearly I haven't yet discovered what it is about these days, why does my heart draw a peaceful breath at every newly fallen leaf, why do I feel still feel as though I were surrounded by a million flowers whose heady scent filled me with there intoxicant nectar. Somehow no matter how many autumns I see, I am humbled by the beauty.
Do we see the mirror in autumn of our own lives, aren't we all on some journey leading to the slowing down of things, wether we are in a season or whether we see the symbolism that all men walk toward eternity and some day will trade these human bodies for the realms of which we have only dreamt.
Autumn is a mystery in that its strength and beauty somehow combines with the other more darkened mood, in the same way oil and vinegar mix yet never blend together. We see the journey strong, majestic even, breathtakingly beautiful,  signaling the beginning of an end.
A sad thought, yet somehow it doesn't seem out of place in the melancholy days of this season.
how many times will we question our own humanity in the rain fall, or see in the misty clouded lands the scope of life. autumn is a philosophic teacher, a stoic sort that makes me inspect all of life with a inquisitive eye.
A lighthearted nature mingling with a more pensive aspect embodied on the world around me; harmoniously. This too keeps me in wonder.
Today She's stepped across the threshold, in a bath of sunlight glow, and we the onlookers have drawn a breath at the mystery, at the beauty.  We look to see her face, benevolent ? or wild with tempestuous moods ?
Only time will tell.
Oh, lets not forget to be drawn on in wonder at the loveliness our Father has blessed us with.
At the colors and the velvety wild winds, at the face of our nightly companion grown larger, and the sky so still and clear every star becomes seen. Lets be caught up in the rains and clouded atmosphere, lets look to see our faces in the puffs of our breath that find form in this special chilly air.
And lets be happy we live in a world where autumns exist.

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  1. This was so pretty, and true. Everyone is heading toward a fall in their lives, and there are those who have reached it. Most feel during that time that their lives are already over, but there is still so much we can do for God, even then. Our goal is in front of us and we must continue to work until we reach it.

  2. How true your comment is, I do believe I left out any sort of positivity in this post.
    Probably why I try and not post anything before 8:00 Am My brain just isn't anything but in a mood. Thank you jack for the reminder, this page needs it.


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